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Our Property

Worth Gold Farm is located in Worth, NY.  We are always changing and expanding our property to find what works best for our animals as well as for us.  


Currently we use our converted barn as the main housing unit for the animals.  We use our pasture primarily for Beef Cattle as well as our Free Range Chickens, but the other animals certainly have access to it as well!  Our meat chickens begin in the barn and within a couple of weeks we move them into the pasture.  This helps keep them safe from predators while still implementing the great benefits from free-range feeding.  Our egg-layers have free-range of the whole property. They come and go as they please but are in the barn at night for safety.  Our pigs stay in the barn most of the time.  They have a large living area with various toys to keep them busy.  The pasture is just outside, but because their fresh vegetables are indoors and it's usually cooler, they seem to like it in there. 

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